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GIS기반 스마트 모니터링 지원 시스템

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GIS기반 스마트 모니터링 지원 시스템

GSM systems provide dual monitors, one displaying real-time CCTV footage of detected emergencies, the location of the CCTV, and detection history,
while the other shows only the CCTV footage with a high likelihood of emergencies, selected by artificial intelligence as ‘AI-based intelligent selection.
  1. GIS-based location management and online connectivity enable integration with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport's V-world map
  2. No need for compatibility with existing VMS (Video Management System)
  3. Provides artificial intelligence-based growth control support functions (ALT: One-click management tool for control operators)
  4. Real-time video streaming / user-friendly UI configuration
  • GSM System - Smart City (VisionON S) Day Mode
  • GSM System - Road Tunnel Traffic (VisionON T) Night Mode