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VisionON C

AI 기반 건설현장 중대재해 감지 시스템

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Types of major accident detection
  1. Large-scale construction site safety management support system (legally mandated for construction sites’ safety management systems over 30 billion)
  2. Utilizing on-site CCTV for fire, safety helmet non-compliance, and unauthorized access detection to support site safety management
  3. Access control to specific areas through electrical panel fire detection and unauthorized entry control management
  4. Offering additional custom options (such as wheel cleaning system detection, soil quantity detection) tailored to the characteristics of the work site
  5. Possible increase in the number of CCTV installations as excavation progresses
  • not wear! Detection of non-wearing of safety gear
  • danger zone! Approaching hazardous areas
  • not permitted! Unauthorized entry detection
  • fire! Fire detection
  • fall! Fall detection
  • low amount of soil! Automatic inspection of earth and soil (quantity/quality)
System configuration diagram 시스템 구성도 이미지
Actual development status
  • Wheel cleaning system detection
  • Intelligent video analysis solution
  • AI voucher contract