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AI 기반 CCTV 상황감지 시스템

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CCTV detection types Acquisition of Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) intelligent CCTV quality certification
  • fall! Fall detection
  • fire! Fire detection
  • intrusion! Intrusion detection
  • loitering! Loitering detection
  • peopie! Entry/Exit
  • theft! Theft detection
  • violence! Violence detection
  • intrusion! Boundary line breach

System configuration diagram 시스템 구성도 이미지

Development of growth-type monitoring system
  • AS - IS (Other company's process)
    • Manual data collection/analysis Manual creation of image/vision-based models
    • Developer-led performance improvement process
    • - Maintenance costs incurred due to being an expertise area
      - Short life cycle of products (+ passive response from developers)
      - No intervention by control operators
  • TO - BE (DBNTech's process)
    • Semi-automatic data collection/analysis Automatic creation of AI (Deep Learning) based models
    • AI-based growth-type performance improvement process
    • - Minimized developer intervention
      - Minimized maintenance costs (+ life cycle extension)
      - One-click management tool for control operators
    The optimal solution for the rapidly
    increasing market of CCTV installations!
  • CCTV control system patent
  • KISA certificate